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Stretch's Lair
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Stretch the Stiltwalking ClownGiant Stretch Puppets
Welcome to Stiltwalker.com, home of *Stilt* Walking, Giant Puppets, Entertainment, Clowns on *stilts*, World Records, and everything *stilt* related!

          Come in and "STRETCH" your Imagination

Member of the Colorado Clown Association,
Clowns of America International,
World Clown Association,
Colorado Festivals and Events Association
Rocky Mountain Assoc of Fairs, IFEA, IAFE

Existing Characters
Uncle Sam Mardi Gras
Candy Cane Umpire
•Toothy the Illuminated Space Alien
Cowboy Father Time
Street Performer
Dancing Christmas Tree
Comedy Valet Parking Attendant
Door Greeter / Valet
Baseball Umpire Sports Fan
Banquet or Picnic Pest
Prince Charming seeking Cinderella
•Sky Dancer, and more!

Friends, Family, Fellow Clowns, Entertainment Agents & Event Planners!

Stretch- the nine foot clown! 
Over a dozen costumes;  close up interactive Street Theater and atmosphere entertainment for every occasion: 
Circus/Cirque/Clown ?  That crazy clown: FREE! Ear Cleaning with his 4 foot long Q Tip! FREE!  Weed Wacker  HAIRCUTS!    Sky Painting:  You supply the music and I'll paint the sky with my 20' pole and 50' ribbon!  Let's boogie!

HIGH! Jinks, High Five's, Hugs, and Magic Handshakes! Wit, Wisdom,
 Dancing and Feather Dusting! Valet Parking, Jumping Jacks, POI Spinning, 
Sky Writing and Cheerleading, Photo Ops, Improv,  and  MORE. . .!  WWW.StiltWalker.com

Entertainment, Amazement & Frolicking Good Fun for...
Fairs, Festivals, Grand Openings, Expos, 
Parades, Charity Walks, Political Events, 
Ticket Lines, Fashion Shows, Block parties, 
Raves, Dance Parties, Tea Parties, Celebrations, 
Promotions, Wakes, Weddings, Coronations, and 
Ordinations and Installations of Heads of State!
Anywhere there is a line or crowd.

Ask about our EXTRA TALL 4 four foot tall Parade stilts.

STRETCH - "The Nine-Foot Clown"
STRETCH...your imagination CALL 
Bill Coleman Phone#(303)922-4655 Denver, Colorado
Email stretch@stiltwalker.com

See Stretch in Print: 

* Walking Tall by Angie Belcher Published by Pacific Library. 2003 32 pages. PL-85155 Pacific Library.com 

* High Jinks by LynetteEvans Pearson Education Australia Pty Limited   South Melborn, AU, in association with Weldon Owen Education Inc.   2003 33 pages ISBN 0-7339-3321-1 

* Angels Can Fly by Alan Clay 2005 540 pages Amazon.com 

*  Clowning Around  magazine published by the World Clown Association.
 December, 2005, Volume 23,  #9  Pg. 9

"What is a Clown? 
Clown is a noun, a verb and more.  Mostly an attitude and the skill and willingness to look at something with clown eyes and share that experience with others while turning perspective upside down, sideways and inside out using one or more skills in unexpected ways to connect the previously unconnected."


"Wardrobe and Make-up:
These can either enhance or distract - I certainly was distracted by an individual who showed up at a festival recently:  I kept flashing back to one of those nature shows with the hyena feeding in the bowels of an antelope, and then lifting her head and staring, staring into the camera with her blood red muzzle, cheeks and lips, what, I asked myself, is it clown or carnivore?  The nightmares continue"    Bill "Stretch" Coleman

on the web: 

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