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Stretch's Lair


In 1980, Joe Bowen, age 35, a member of the "Jay Cees" or Junior Chamber of Commerce, stilt walked 3008 miles to raise $100,000 to fight Muscular Dystrophy. Later he wrote the book: "Stilt Walk", sadly long out of print.

Joe also apeared on stilts, on the televised Jerry Lewis MDA awards show.

Joe tells many tales of his stilt walking experiences.  Among my favorite is his story of how he fooled the "authorities" who did not
want him to wear his stilts when he appeared with Jerry Lewis to be recongnised for his efforts.  They were afraid that he would trip on the cables or the stage steps.  Joe had just walked 3008 miles and figured he could walk a few feet without tripping!

Another favorite is his tale of stilt walking into an American Indian village at dusk. With the setting sun at his back, the children shrieked and fled into their homes.  Later he was told of an Indian children's story that featured a tall "bogie man" who came for bad little kids who misbehaved!

Does anyone have any further information on Joe?  Any photos? Would love to include a photo on my web page: http://Stiltwalker.com/

Thank you for your help and referrals.


Walk Tall,
Bill "Stretch" Coleman