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The Amazing
Solar Powered Bubble Tower


The NEW FX Mini Bubble Tower !
for smaller venues and a more intimate experience...

The Amazing Solar Powered Bubble Tower!
The Solar Powered Bubble Tower  is self sufficient and requires no outside electricity.  Being Solar Powered, with a battery backup, it is quiet, and peaceful with no noisy generator.  Children of all ages are captivated by the endless variety of shapes, sizes, colors and movement of  the bubbles.   The SPBT produces clouds of 1000's of  singular bubbles the size of ping pong balls, as well as  bubble clusters as large as bushel baskets!    The Bubble Tower marks a singular place at your festival  or event where children and adults are free to be child like.

The Solar Powered Rainbow Bubble Tower attracts a LOT of attention The colorful sleeves are currently available in the rainbow motif.  We also have pink sequin sleeves for the Komen Race for the Cure for Breast Cancer,  (10-1-04) and a patriotic Red, White, and Blue color scheme, as well as our Cow Print  Bubble Tower which re-uses an old billboard vinyl.

We obtained a soon to be landfilled out of date vinyl billboard, cut it to size and added grommets, flipped it over, and painted the cow design on the vinyl.  Ta dah! One Cow Print Bubble Tower for your western themed fun event!

The Solar Powered Rainbow Bubble Tower attracts a LOT of attention Other designs upon request.

Set up time is about an hour.  Level ground is preferred. Night time operation can be augmented with strobe lights!   Please call or email today to book this intriguing, captivating, fun artwork for your event.

"The bubble machine was absolutely fabulous!  We want the cow print version next year."  Nancy Kramer, Steamboat Springs Beaus Arts Festival

Here are some Bubble Tower ideas for themed events :  A Bronco Orange & Blue Tailgate Party Bubble Tower,   A Patriotic Red, White, and Blue Bubble Tower,  a Red, White, and Green Bubble Tower for Cinco De Mayo or Mexican Independence Day celebrations,  a Mardi Gras Bubble Tower, and a whimsical  cow  print Bubble Tower!  Lots of room for corporate logos, happy birthday or anniversary banners, and sponsor recognition banners!  Your ideas are welcomed!  Please call to discuss your special needs!  303-922-4655

Leukemia WalkRed White and Blue Bubble TowerPink and Green Bubble Tower
Stars and Stripes

Sponsorship opportunity!
*click here for details*

The Bubble Tower creates a warm fuzzy emotional experience at special events and festivals.  If your business or product would benefit from sharing this positive connection, please contact me.  If you are a solar contractor or  a related affiliation, a child or family related product or service, so much the better!

It served as (1) an anchor location that people could easily recognize (meet me by the bubble machine), (2) entertainment for the kids of all ages, and (3) a wind direction indicator for the kite fliers. And I'm not making this up!

Bubbles are the number one selling toy world wide, and the solar powered Bubble Tower creates a peak experience for folks.  Please call today to learn how your company can benefit from sharing this experience.  303-922-4655

Jul 16, 2008

Hello Bill!

You were a big hit at the Irish Festival and I would like to thank you, thank you, thank you! You will be getting a packet for the Kids Spree this weekend.

Thank you,
Keisha Makonese
Bellco Credit Union

Click on image to read the text and see the image full size.

Sustainable Living Fair 2008.jpgSaturday, May 1, 2004 at Boulder City Nevada. Beta Test of Bubble

The Solar Powered Rainbow Bubble TowerThe Solar Powered Rainbow Bubble Tower attracts a LOT of attentionit becomes Art when . . . .Is it Yoga? Ti Chi? Dance? No? It must be Bubbles!Summerset Festival, Littleton, CO 9-17-04 at the concert, looking west
Upgraded solar panel.Not easy to photograph with the wind always changing.When one's reach exceeds one's grasp! Colorado Springs PrideFest Letter
       Letter from Kid's Day AmericaThe Bubble Tower, clowns and balloon artists were a real hit at the Leukemia WalkAn enthusiastic bubble fan strikes a pose at the 2004 Leukemia Walk at Filmore Plaza At dusk, when the blistering sun had retreated, the Bubble Tower showed another side.
At dusk, when the blistering sun had retreated, the Bubble Tower showed another side.Bubble Tower at night in Bassett, Nebraska
                                                                                                       Click here to open .pdf newspaper story of  photo


Kid goes nuts stomping the bubbles at the 2004 Light the Night Leukemia
Walk at Fillmore Plaza in Cherry Creek North, Denver, CO. BubbleTower.com

click for video >>>    

Kids use bucket stilts to collect the bubbles at the 2005 Art Festival in Northglenn,CO. 
Solar powered Bubble Tower Sculpture produces 1000's of huge bubble clusters.

click for video >>>   

Cow print bubble tower at the Denver  Peoples' Fair 2007

click for video >>>    

Festival on Main Street Longmont, Colorado 2008 video

click here for video >>>    

Many thanks to Bellco Credit Union for sponsoring the solar powered Bubble Tower Sculpture at the Irish Festival in Clement Park, Littleton, CO.  Creating an emotional connection with attendees was easy when they were having so much fun watching their kids chasing the bubbles!

    click here for video >>>  

Big Bubbles at the Moffat County Fair Craig, COLORADO

"Bubble Thing" inventor, and Big Bubble-oligist, David Stein writes:
"Bill you are a true madman. I say this with admiration. DS"

From: "Dana Cain" <dana.cain@worldnet.att.net>
To: <cfea-members@frii.com>
Sent: Monday, October 13, 2008 8:13 AM
Subject: [CFEA eMembers] Recommendation: Bubble Tower !!!!

 Hi, CFEA.....

 I just ran the Imagine Peace Paint-In on John Lennon's birthday (Thursday) in Civic Center Park. It was a first time event, and a smashing success, I must say! :)

 But I have to tell you.... one guy made a huge difference, and that was Bill Coleman. He runs the Solar Powered Bubble Tower, and he also has some giant stilt-created characters (Giant Parade Puppets) that walk around.

 The Bubble Tower was not just a huge hit. It really enhanced the atmosphere of the whole event.
 A big tie-dyed tower spewing bubbles all day long... bubbles that filtered and floated everywhere around the park.
 The kids LOVED them... and so did the adults.
 And so did the PRESS. I told the media it would be there and they all wanted to film it and photograph it!
 We had 4 of the 5 local TV stations onsite - and everyone got a shot of it.   (Not to mention the Denver Post).

 I hadn't worked with Bill before, but I just wanted to tell everyone.... I would never even THINK of running another outdoor event without the Bubble  Tower. It is a MUST, as far as I'm concerned now. No, this isn't a paid commercial - just a heartfelt recommendation that I really think can benefit all CFEA members who run outdoor events. Info is at www.bubbletower.com .

 And if you want to see video from the John Lennon Imagine Peace Paint-In, that's at www.paint-in.org - including video of the bubble tower and more.

Dana Cain Events