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18ft Tall Giant Parade Puppets!

Giant Stretch Puppets

GIANT! Interactive puppets! Set the mood, build excitement! Stretch smiles and imaginations. Shake hands, offer High Fives, and have been known to steal and auction hats of the unwary! Or are by turn silent observers of the scene, dancing to the urban beat.

Strictly speaking, we do not do a "show".  We walk through crowds interacting with the audience.  Using the Friendly Giant Puppets, we shake hands,  offer "high fives",  and hugs to the audience.

 Our newest puppet in Breckenridge for the National Brotherhood of Skiers convention 

1-13-08  Photo by Sheba Wheeler Picture-YourWorld.com



Giant Puppets along the parade route and at Union Station during the Denver 2008 St. Patrick's Parade on behalf of Bellco Credit Union.

                                    1-13-08  Photo by Sheba Wheeler Picture-YourWorld.com            


Click to see videos on YouTube.com >>>>
                                                                                             Puppets Ice Skating  

Click to see video on YouTube.com >>>>    

  The Friendly Giant Puppets have the personality of friendly but mischievous children, attempting to steal hats,  purses and shopping bags, push baby strollers, and occasionally  gently swatting the hats and heads of authority figures such as policemen or others.  If there is music available, the puppets will even dance.  Also popular is folks asking to pose with the Puppet for photographs.  Parents also enjoy taking photos  of their children interacting with the Puppet.  I will kneel down to bring the Puppet closer to the child's height and extend a Puppet hand for them to shake. 

Pinkee the Giant Puppet dancing at the Race for the Cure.
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With sufficient notice, we can, within limits,  customize a Puppet with your colors, design or logo.

Cousin IT, aka, Mario, aka Aunt Harriet!Here is  our newest Friendly Giant Puppet:  Cousin IT, aka, Mario, aka Aunt Harriet! at the Alamosa Rio on the River festival June 5, 05 .   Red, Green and silver makes him/her perfect for Cinco de Mayo and Christmas.  The fringe rustles in the breeze and really shines in the sun!

A little girl at the festival suggested Aunt Harriet as a name for our new puppet.  Her Aunt must have a really BIG nose and mustache!

Also in the photo is our new Wind Spinner festival eye candy.  It is over 6 foot across and really catches the eye!  This year we have added a selection of lawn ornaments that we will be bringing
to festivals.  Enjoy!

Our Giant Puppets and Dancing Christmas Tree Puppets
 at Northfield Stapleton in Denver -- December 2006


The New addition to the family of puppets, "Tiny"

Tiny the Giant Puppet

Longmont Rhythm on the River
Giant Parade Puppet dancing at the Longmont Rhythm on the RiverLetter from the City of Longmont, Colorado

The Keystone Resort Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday celebration.
The Keystone Resort Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday celebration.The Keystone Resort Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday celebration.

Little Rock, AR Riverfest
Giant Puppet "Stretchy" at the Little Rock, AR RiverfestJerry Williams helps relief puppeteer Kyle Hamsher get strapped into Giant Puppet "Thirsty" at the Little Rock Riverfest

Other Photos
18 feet of pink sequins and holographic pink sequinsIt broke! After a while, even Giant Puppets get tired!

This puppet will stand about 9 feet tall, and is the spittin image of Bob's Big Boy mascot.Got a phone call a while back, someone cleaning out their warehouse.  This is a papier-mâché "Big Boy" head.  This puppet will stand about 9 feet tall, and is the spittin image of Bob's Big Boy mascot.  We are currently refurbishing it and  "Bobby" will be ready to go this summer.  Surprisingly light weight for its size.  Perfect for those low ceiling venues!

This puppet also will be about 9 feet tall when refurbished in time for the summer season.This is the second Papier-mâché head  we are refurbishing.  A little wider than "bobby".  Interesting trying to fit these heads through narrow doorways . . . NOT!  This puppet also will be about 9 feet tall when refurbished in time for the summer season.


Giant Puppet featured in the Longmont News
Times-Call photo by Jeff Haller
Shovels await to help break ground as the crowd and a giant puppet controlled by "Stretch," also known as Bill Coleman, mingle at the Quail Campus groundbreaking ceremony Thursday afternoon.