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Squashed Pennies! Wow!
Keychains too! 
Check them out further down on the page!

Real pennies squished, squashed and rolled flat with an old fashioned hand operated - by me!- penny press!  For your collection of  "Pressed by Stretch"  elongated pennies, send $5 to Stretch, 930 S. Decatur St., Denver, CO 80219.  Be sure to include your mailing address so I can send them to you pronto!  Or, if you prefer, you can click the link below to purchase thru PayPal.


Only $5.00 for the whole set!
POST PAID!  No extra shipping charges in the US.


Also available are "stretched by Stretch"   elongated  penny  key chains. The entire set of four different  key chains for only $15.  POST PAID!  No extra shipping charges in the US.

#1  "tee time with stretch".  Stretch plays  miniature golf!

#2  Bubble Tower.    The solar powered Bubble Tower in miniature!

#3 Stretch - the bust, or head shot.

#4  Stretch - full length with balloon.

Entire Collection, All Four Keychains

Thank you for your support !