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Getting ready for a stilt walking workshop at Glory Days Uncle Sam welcomes attendees with his jumbo hot dog at the US Food's WestEx 2004 trade show! It was an exciting time at the US Food's WestEx 2004 trade show!

Stretch with Snowball the wonder pony under the stands at the Pepsi Center during a CRUSH arena football game. Stretch walking tall on his four foot stilts Stretch on Parade at the Pine Colorado Rhubarb Festival

Newspaper clipping from the Pine Rhubarb Festival WATCH OUT West Nile Mosquitos! Stretch is after you! Letter from the Phillip S Miller Library

Platt Park Picnic
Photos by Benjamin Zwerling Photography  BZPhotoart@attbi.com
HIGH! FIVE! Check out those BOXERS! Check out those BOXERS! How does he do that?! Beware the fork when you have ice cream!

CHASE the ORB!!! Jamm'n on stilts! Stilts on stilts! Kids on stilts!

Stretch tries to sample the tasty food at the People's Fair! Jason Kruger at the C.H.U.N. People's Fair 2003 in Denver, CO. Photo by Cris Stark. Father Time on stilts and Baby Time 2003 Old fashioned hand hald stilts. Available for parties, events, gatherings, ect... Sky Painting at Flat Irons Crossing Mall

Weed Wacker Hair cuts at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival Giraffe Milking Champion! Mortgage Brokers trade show, EagleDocs.com booth 8-22-03 Prince Charming finds Cinderella Stretch gets a massage!

Naked Food Juice sponsored my performance at the Glendale CO Safe Night celebration. CHASE THE ORB - O - LANTERN! Strech at Thornton Fest The benefits of public transportation

Chase the Orb, Anew group activity. Chasing the ORB! At the Huston Lake Park party for Mayor-elect John Hickenlooper, Denver, CO 7-20-03 Bill takes his Fire Flies for a walk