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Stretch's Lair

Hand held wood stilts for sale!  **Made in America.**
Hard wood stilts for years of fun and fitness! 
Quality you can trust! Hardwood with a safe, natural oil finish.

Have Fun! And develop fitness, balance and coordination! With Grandpa's patented, adjustable wood stilts.  Grandpa's Stilts are made of quality straight grained hard wood and will last for years.  A great toy for all ages.

I usually ship your stilts by insured Priority Mail,
so they arrive in 2-4 business days.

Buy the Stilts here for $64.95 for each pair using  your credit card

at PayPal
$14.95 shipping for each pair, for lower 48 states. (For Colorado residents, please call 303-922-4655 or email stretch@stiltwalker.com to order  7.5% sales Tax)

The Store at StiltWalker.com

Instructions: Just click the "Store" link above and select the item you want and then you will be able to select the number of pairs in the "Shopping Cart".  To select another item from the store, just click the "Shop Home" button on the right.  Please contact stretch@stiltwalker.com to order more than 5 pairs.

or  mail your check or money order to:

Bill Coleman
930 S. Decatur St.
Denver, Co 80219 USA

Questions?  email me: stretch@stiltwalker.com
or phone  303-922-4655
Order today!  These make
great birthday gifts! 

Thank you!

Chris from Greeley writes:

Bill, The whole neighborhood is using them. thanks again. Chris

Tallhand Stilts, Erie ColoradoMedium and large sizes, your choice. Medium for an 6-7-8 yr. old, otherwise get the large.  The medium is 52 inches to the top of the pole, the large is 60 inches.    With the younger kids, an adult will have lots of fun holding the top of the stilts while the kids learn to stilt walk.

These are the same wooden stilts that I bring to our "Stilts by the Dozen" stilt walking parties at festivals and company picnics and birthday parties.  They are so much fun for both the adults and their kids.  We get rave reviews. 

If this sounds like a fun activity for your next event, please contact me.  email:

The wooden stilts are adjustable to 4 heights, the tallest being 14 inches off the ground.

The handles are the right size so even small hands can grip the handle. They even have a nice groove the length of the stilts for the fingers.

They are sanded smooth, no splinters with a nice finish.  And they have replaceable rubber feet and foot blocks to last for years.

Can be safely used indoors and out.

Made of natural wood, no chemicals. I mention this only because I have seen some stilts that were made of pressure treated wood.  PTW leaches arsenic!  Not a good idea around

Another happy stilter!Nice solid wood, light but strong, not thin metal tubing.

Easiest way to use them is to straighten your arms almost completely with the thumbs pointing nearly straight to the ground, and right along side the seam in your pants.   Then pull up with the arm, while lifting that foot.

If you want to grab the stilts at chest height instead, you need to keep your hands close to your body, so as to keep the stilts straight up and down.

After you learn to use them, some games for two or more are soccer or crochet with a wiffle ball,  and modified hopscotch.  Go by colors, or even odd numbers, and don't
make the squares too big.

Easiest game is to simply count how many steps you can take before you loose your balance.

I took some stilts to an entertainers business meeting/social.  Within two hours one of the kids counted over 100 steps with out losing her balance!

Another is to practice stepping over paper bags, front and sideways, etc.

FAQ:  "Aren't they dangerous?"
They start at about 8 inches off the ground and adjust to 14 ".  My answer is a question:  "Do you let your kids climb stairs?"  If they fell down the stairs, how far would they fall?  If they fell off their stilts how far would they fall?  Answer: only 14 inches!"

This Just in:

Chloe is enjoying the stilts.  I would say she is learning balance,  coordination, patience, perseverance. I think she derives enjoyment from the fact that there are few kids that can walk on stilts.  She can impress her friends and teach them something.  Unfortunately due to the weather and the messy roads, she only walks around the house in them right now, so she doesn't use them for very long periods of time.  I'm sure that will change in the summer.  I would definitely recommend them to others!
Beth Banning
Steamboat Springs, CO

Chloe is nine years old, and the last I saw here she was helping her 6
year old brother learn the "ups and downs" of stilt walking!  Bill

Thank you, Bill, the stilts are beautiful and very much beloved by the children, though my husband sort of blew the cover on Santa when perhaps the 15th person stopped us near the Brooklyn Bridge to ask, "where'd you get those wonderful stilts?" and he said, "my wife got 'em on the internet!"

They're really great! And it's great to know that I can get extra feet and such if I need 'em. What great customer service.

In fact, maybe I will see if I can pitch a product review to this online magazine I write for  from time to time!

Here they are on their maiden voyage, Xmas day. That's the Williamsburgh Savings Bank tower, a famous Brooklyn landmark, shrouded in the back.


Jennifer writes from the Littleton Historical Museum of the 5 sets of stilts purchased for a special event.

"We had 4500+ visitors on Sat.  The stilts were a great hit and held up great.

Thanks,  Jennifer" 

 Jennifer Woeste, Littleton Historical Museum

Cathy from Two Harbors, MN writes:

My sincerest thanks for your prompt attention to my order...(click to see letter)

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