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What they say about Bill "Stretch" Coleman
The nine foot clown:

The Alliance for Sustainable Colorado

"It is difficult to describe in words what an outstanding creation these puppets are. . . ."extremely professional and courteous . . . ."
For entire letter from Resort Entertainment, Vail click here.

"We had our wrap-up meeting on October 3 and the consensus of the 13 member Steering Committee and OCA staff was that your presence just made everything more Fun!"

Click to read letter>>
Columbia Festival of the Arts____City of Columbia. Missouri

"Your unique brand of entertainment with giant puppets, stiltwalkers, stilts for children of all ages and bubbles floating over the entire event made for a fun filled atmosphere for children of all ages."
                                            Click to read letter>>

Blanden Memorial Art Museum,   Fort Dodge, Iowa

Mon, 4 May 2009 

Dear Stretch,
Wanted to let you know what a wonderful job you did for us at our LOL event!!!!!!!!!
You were exactly what we needed at the entrance of our event. You
set the mood beautifully! We will definitely use you again and recommend
to to all!
Thanks again for a great job!
KRISTI TORREGROSSA | Logistics Coordinator Forte Events, Inc.
Tel (719) 266-4214  Email: Kristi@ForteEvents.com

                    RE: CrippleCreek_8-18,19_2007

                    Thank you so much for being here.  You were a tremendous addition.
                    I hope it works out for you to be here next year as well.
                    Check out the You Tube footage at the link below.

                    Thanks again,

                    Jan Hamilton
                    Events Coordinator
                    City of Cripple Creek
                    P.O. Box 430
                    Cripple Creek, Colorado 80813
                    (719) 689-3461 or (719) 689-2502
The two acts (Dancing Christmas Tree and Giant Candy Cane) were absolutely wonderful at our BIG arrival.  We got great feedback and they looked awesome.  I know this is short notice, but are they available this Sunday, November 18th from 1pm-4pm?


Sheena Powell
Marketing Assistant
Town Center at Aurora
Nov. 2007
The Solar Powered Bubble Tower was an irreplaceable aspect of our Children’s Center at the Smart Energy Living Expo. It kept the children entertained for hours and freed up our human resources for other activities.

Click to read letter>>

 Click to open .pdf of newspaper story



Our newest puppet in Breckenridge for the National Brotherhood of Skiers convention
                         1-13-08  Photo by Sheba Wheeler Picture-YourWorld.com
Click to read letter>>Letter from the Arapaho Library District
Letter from the Arapaho Library District
Longmont Rhythm on the River writes:
Longmont Rythem on the River letter"Your giant puppet added so much to the atmosphere of our festival. It was so fun to be able to see it clear across the site. Several of the guests remarked how it drew them down to the Main . . ."  For entire letter from Debbie MacDonald, Longmont Rhythm on River, click here

After reviewing my promo video long distance stilt walking
World Record holder Joe Bowen said:
"you - you're good! I'm impressed.  (you are) a realshowman."  1-22-03

Click to read the Letter from St Peter and Paul Parish

Click to read the Letter from North Dakota State Fair
Click to read the Letter from Cirque Du Soleil Varekai tour
Click to read the Letter from Starlight Children's Foundation
Check out these great newspaper articles for the Hayden Summerfest.
Article 1       Article 2

"Specialty groups receiving raving comments from spectators were the two tall puppets, stilt walker in the candy cane suit and the walking Christmas tree.  Emails were received from individuals within the community commenting on how much both the adults and children enjoyed them.  Definitely an added treat!"
From the January/February 2004 City Style newsletter of the Downtown Tulsa Unlimited on the 2003 AEP-PSO ChristmasParade of Lights.
"Mr. Coleman was very professional in his manner and was a delight to have in our service." New Creation Church
Read the entire letter here.
"I have heard so much praise and excitement about your appearance and the fun you brought to the picnic this year" Platt Park
  People's Association
Read the entire letter here.
"Stretch the 9' clown is always an asset to any event or
function."   More from the Golden Chamber of Commerce, click here.
"Everyone had a lot of fun with the stilt walking and the puppets!! You guys were great!"  Aztec, New Mexico Chamber of Commerce. Click here for the entire letter.
Regarding the Denver Parade of Lights, Tom Tjarks writes:
"The grand kids were here after school.  I asked them about the parade of lights.  The first thing they said was that they saw
    Stretch (the Giant Candy Cane).  For them you came ahead of Rudolf and Santa".
Thank You so much for coming to our Business After Hours!
Click here for entire letter
==== "We could see (your 18 foot tall puppet) a mile down the road!"   Grand Pontiac Circus of Savings
"Mr. Coleman, Thank you for stretching our variety of entertainment at the street faire this year!  We enjoyed your creativity and excitement throughout the summer!
Allyson, Flatiron Crossing
" I just wanted to personally tell you what great job you did Saturday night for us (at the Hallowpalooza)
Believe me I will not hesitate to use you in the future . . . Just everything you did was just great.
I appreciate your professionalism.  I appreciate your spontaneity, and everything you did. .
. . And your costume was absolutely great."
Greg Reinke, Reinke Brothers
You were a fun addition . . . " Jim Schwartzkopff,  Venture West
" . . . adults enjoy his humor."  Columbine Community Courier
". . . legs longer than Shaq . . ."
 Steamboat Springs Circus Arts Festival
"WOW!! You're great!"  Kenneth A. Schwartz  All About Kids show manager
"You were great! The kids really enjoy you  interacting with them!   
Jo Judd, Lafayette Oatmeal Festival
"You were a wonderful addition to the event and everyone enjoyed your unique talents.
The children and adults alike were amazed at your abilities.  Your presence created a
festive, magical atmosphere for our walkers.  everyone had so much fun."  
John C. Farnam,  Light the Night Walk
". . . delightful entertainment . . ."  Beverly Young, Habitat for Humanity
"Your enthusiasm and energy helped create the ambiance we were searching for . . . .  
We look forward to working with you again  in the near future."  
Allysen Jones, FlatIron Crossing
"You were quite a hit!  Thanks for coming to KidSpree."
Marie Addleman, City of Aurora, Colorado
"Mesmerizing!"  Cherry Creek Arts Festival
"You guys were fantastic!" "Hypnotic!"  Osborn Automotive
"You guys made me a hero"  "It was AWSOME!"
 Evelyne Rocket, Lonetree Concert in the Park
"What a great addition you were to the party . . .  People have raved about it."  "Such a
neat touch"  Chuck Schilling, private party , regarding the "9 foot tall valet parking attendent".
Hi Bill,
Thanks for making this happen.  The guys were great and so was your puppet.
Ed Tomlinson, Arvada Harvest Festival and Parade 2007

 Letter from Central City, Colorado
Click Here to read an article about Stretch printed in Westword

High Bill,
Thank you so much for helping make the Bellco St. Patrick's Day a HUGE success! Everyone on the marketing team heard nothing but great comments about the 18ft puppets and how they really interacted with the crowd. Laura Higgins was so happy that we had 4 puppets/walkers not 2, she really thought that it made a big impact. The pictures you sent over are wonderful and I am using them in the parade recap package to Bellco.  I believe that Bellco will be calling you again this summer to work at couple some festivals and events...we are determined to use the bubble tower!
Thank you again!
Holly Tighe
HRT Marketing

Thanks again for the wonderful showing! It was more than we had expected. What a crowd-pleaser!
Laura Higgins
Director of Marketing
Bellco Credit Union


Subject:RE: 4/28 Event
From:"Kim Merkel" <wildirisrecreation@comcast.net>
Date:Mon, 5 May 2008 11:23:37 -0600
To:"'Bill'" <stretch@stiltwalker.com>


That would be great to have some pictures.  Thanks so much; you were a rock star hit as usual!

Kim I. Merkel de Fernandez
Wild Iris Recreation Services, Inc.
(T) 720-529-9911
(F) 303-843-0580



Having the bubble tower was a wonderful addition to our visitors for our summer camp program

click here to Read the rest of the letter from The Goddard School


Hi Bill,
I just wanted to thank you again for participating in the Street Fair on Friday. All the kids (and adults) loved you and really enjoyed your entertainment. I hope you had as much fun as we did and we hope to work with you again soon!
Katie Seno

Development & Event Coordinator
Concerts For Kids
1616 17th Street, Suite 462
Denver, CO  80202
303.605.2885 phone   303.605.2884 fax
Katie@concertsforkids.org   www.concertsforkids.org


Subject:Re: 12/31/08 gig
From:skye griffith <skye@skylineusa.com>
Date:Fri, 02 Jan 2009 09:05:17 -0700
To:Bill <stretch@stiltwalker.com>

Hi Bill,

I just emailed you! The client was very pleased, thanks! I loved the trees and did get a few photos, but they weren’t great. I can send what I have if you like. I really liked working with Jerry.  He’s a good guy. And I liked the wranglers you hired as well.
I look forward to working with you again soon, and thanks for sending me some good performers!!!

Best, Skye


What the kids say:
"you're funny"
"how'd you get so tall?"
"you're tall !" 
"I love you" 
"Your a silly clown" 
"How long did it take you to learn how
to walk like that?"
"That is SO cool!"
What the adults say:
"You're funny"
"how'd you get so tall?"
"how tall ARE you?"
"you're great!"
"Great costume! 
Will you pose for a photo?"
"you walked the WHOLE five miles!????"
"NO,  you can't park my car!"
"That is SO amazing!"


·        Colorado Clown of the year 1998

·        1st place, Costume Contest, Arthritis Foundation Jingle Bell Walk 1998

·        2nd Place, clown division, Western Welcome Week Parade, 1998

·        1st place, 1999 Founders Funds, LoDo 5280 costume contest

·        Manitou Springs  Carnivale 2002 Best of Show in Parade


Festival  and special event pricing: An event planner asks:

What about pricing? What are your fees?

Stretch answers:

It is best to call 303-922-4655 or email    stretch@stiltwalker.com with your dates, location and requirements. I can provide you some pricing guidelines after discussing your special needs.  I also have a DVD for your review.  Just ask!  stretch@stiltwalker.com

You can choose from several options: One or more entertainers, comedy action stilt performing, Giant Parade Puppets, several Group Activity options and attractions.  


photos.htm     Five pages of photos of Stilt costumes and Giant Puppets

Coloring book wall muralGroup activity options include up to three dozen sets of old fashioned hand held wood stilts and additional bucket stilts for adults and kids. stiltparty.htm  The coloring book wall mural,  the giant ORB  and the solar powered Bubble Tower.  http://www.bubbletower.com/  

Our goal is to make this easy and enjoyable for you!


 Technical requirements:

Height Clearance and space requirements

About all we need is sufficient head room for the stilt performer and the giant puppets and a parking space for our truck. 

Allow at least 9 foot of clearance for most of the stilt costumes.  The dancing Christmas Tree is a little taller, but both the Tree and most stilt costume characters can bend to walk through a normal doorway.

The giant Parade Puppets are in the 16 to 18 foot tall range, and can easily duck under traffic signs and power lines.  They will not fit through a 12 foot tall tunnel.  The puppets easily fold up to be carried through a doorway like you would carry a tall  ladder.

The T-Shirt Jello Cannon is great for launching sponsor’s Tshirts, golf towels, fleece, confetti or even Jello!!!


With adjustable power, the cannon propels the t-shirts so they open in flight to float down to the crowd.  With care, the TSJC is suitable for stadium or open field.  Not for low ceilings!

Will launch t-shirts 40 to 100 or more feet depending on weight and size of t-shirts, wind and your needs.

Confetti or other lightweight items won’t fly as far as t-shirts.

Can also be used to launch water soaked chunks of foam or foam toys for cooling summer time fun!  Watch the video or ask for a demo.

This is a great opportunity for your sponsors to become involved in your event to deliver their message in a highly charged, emotional and memorable fashion!



Stilt Walking Party or Workshops with old fashioned hand held wood stilts.  Size of venue can vary depending on the number of participants and space available.  Best away from traffic, store windows, and autos.  A tennis court, a blocked off street intersection,  a small or large gym, even a wide sidewalk can all be used successfully.  May require supervision, see Q and A below.

Black top, concrete, and grass all work well. Smooth is better than bumpy. Until people learn to lift their knees, they fall a little more often on bumpy unimproved fields than they do on grass.

New for 2004!  Bucket stilts for the small fry!  Great for the 4 to 7 
year old set.  Great Fun!

The Giant ORB is a wonderful toy for group activity if the venue is appropriate and it is not too windy.  A wide open field with a volley ball net is best. The ORB is a six foot tall cloth covered balloon that is very light weight and loads of FUN!

Chase the Orb!Chase the Orb!

Sky Painting pole and ribbonsSky Painting and Sky Dancing

Ideally this performance requires a circle of about 60 feet depending on wind direction and speed.  Area should be as clear as possible of lamp and sign posts and over head obstructions.  Usually performed out doors, I have done this performance in one of the ballrooms at the Denver Convention Center for the Beaux Arts Ball – a much smaller area, loaded with tables and overhead hanging decorations!  Great atmosphere when performed to music, with or with out stilt dancing.  Overhead clearance of at least 25 feet is best.

Also a great “keep a way” activity with the kids.


See the New Solar Powered Bubble Tower!

The Bubble Tower Sculpture is about 14 feet tall, and takes up about 18 feet of ground for the actual instillation.   But of course more room is required, particularly downwind from the tower.  Either pavement or grass is fine for the Bubble Tower.   The area should be level, and not upwind of cars, vender booths, street traffic, or other hazard.  You do not want the kids chasing bubbles blowing into traffic, or off a cliff, or into vender’s booths, or into the classic car show!   Strong wind requires a larger area, 40 to 100 feet or more and you may need to provide barriers or supervision so the kids don’t chase the bubbles into the street or other hazard.  Light or no wind means the Bubble Tower can be shoe horned in between buildings!

See all of the videos at the bottom of this page.  Some are of the Bubble Tower in windy conditions, others not so windy. video.htm

Not tested yet in cold weather, but should be good down to 25F or 30F degrees depending on wind.  We do adjust the Bubble Juice formula to accommodate wind and low humidity conditions.  Conditions that are normally not ideal for making bubbles. 

The Coloring Book Wall Mural consists of panels six foot high, and six foot wide.  Using washable water based Elmer’s Squeeze and Brush, kids and adults can fill in (paint) the blanks.  You will need to furnish an attendant to dispense and collect the paints and keep order.  You may want to furnish a table, chair or shade tent. 

Artwork is Stilt Walking, Giant Puppet, and Circus Arts related, in a Ripley’s Believe it or Not style.  stretch@stiltwalker.com


Parking Location Requirements

Truck height clearance is a little over 11 feet.  Length is about 22 feet, so it overhangs a normal parking space, but not by much.  Additional space for assembly of puppets is best.  Preferably next to a lawn if available.

The parking space should be as close as possible to the
performance area.  It doesn't make sense to get all worn out
hiking to the parade or festival!  It is best to save that energy for the performance.

truck-stiltsGloryDays03.jpg  We use the truck as an air conditioned "Green Room" and prop
storage area, so easy access conserves time and energy for
the performance.  Performing with stilts, or the puppets
really heats up a performer, so periodic cool down time is
necessary to avoid problems and to maximize our performance energy.

For a festival, a central location is better than being on
the extreme fringe.  A central location gives us more
Letter from the Golden Chamber of Commerceperforming options.  For example, when stilt performing I
often change out comedy props every hour or so.  From "Free Ear Cleaning" with a 4 foot Q-tip, to "Free Hair Cuts" with a foam rubber weed wacker!  So easy access is a plus, and of course makes those important rest breaks more effective.  It also make it a lot easier to perform to a larger geographical area if we start from a more central location.

Performing surface requirements:

Most concrete or blacktop surfaces, carpet, dry tile or marble floors are acceptable, as is sod.   Other surfaces may be acceptable depending on the desired activity.  Please ask. 

Performing temperature requirements:

 Heat is our enemy, cold is our friend.  Performing with Giant Puppets, or as a stilt performer is hot, hard work! Keeping warm in winter is very easy to do.  Keeping cool in summer is harder! We take breaks as needed to preserve our health and safety.  Our truck is insulated and air conditioned so we can cool off, change costumes,  eat and get rehydrated in private.  We want to be our best for your event!

Sign and banner dimensions

With enough lead time, we can even accessorize a Giant Puppet or
stilt costume to give recognition to your sponsors.


Stilt costume leg banner is 10 x 60 inches overall.

Signs can also be pinned to the back of the stilt performer, or a custom vest can be made with your logo or message silk screened on the back.  A custom hat, umbrella, jersey, or prop is another way to draw attention to your promotion or theme.  Please call to discuss your needs.

Signs for the Giant Puppets can be placed on the back of the operator, as well as front and back of the puppet.

Holiday or other theme costume requests are welcomed!  Please call to discuss your needs.

Bubble Tower legs are about 18 inches wide and 14 feet long.  Can be seen from a block or more away!  Please call to discuss your needs.

We have decorated our yellow truck with blue, green and
orange “polka dots” in keeping with your festive atmosphere.
And of course the sides of the truck are a great place to hang your sponsor’s banner up to 14 feet long and 10 feet high.

Need a Theme Costume or Giant Puppet?  Just ask! Many to choose from, or we can either accessorize an existing costume or prop, or create and entirely new stilt costume, prop, or giant puppet to suit your needs.  We can even customize the solar powered Bubble Tower Sculpture to fit your theme!


Q and A – stilt party
An event planner asks:
"I have a few questions for you. About the stilt party with the hand held wood stilts and bucket stilts:  the stilts will be available for 'self serve' enjoyment. Do you need people to help facilitate that or do you take care of that?"

Stretch answers:

Depends on the venue. Some venues beg for constant supervision:
keep the stilts away from parked cars, windows, that sort of thing. An open field or tennis court can both work well without supervision.

But not in a high traffic cross walk with out supervision.  A location close enough so folks will see what is going on and be attracted and come join the fun. But you don't want the kids stilt walking through the craft booths or by the cars, or on a rocky hill side, or walking up behind unwary people, and then falling off their stilts!

If the area has some boundaries, that is good, particularly at very large festivals. The stilts have a habit of  "walking themselves" great distances otherwise!

But the middle of an empty field works well also.

At Lowrey Days, they used Americore volunteers who worked out quite well.  Americore requires so many hours of volunteer service from their participants. You might ask them for help.

When performing, I try and stop over every 40 minutes or so for a few minutes of instruction. If you are unsure, or know that you have a congested venue, then I suggest that you provide some folks. I/we can bring them up to speed in 5 minutes.

If you provide a few hay bales or similar, the kids will stand on them when mounting the stilts until they get the hang of mounting the stilts from the ground. Not necessary, but nice.


Q and A – fund raising

An event planner asks:

Do you have any fund raising ideas?

Stretch answers:

Ask about the Stilt Tournament we held at the Boulder City Nevada Spring Jamboree!   http://www.springjamboree.com/    A fun event and a great fundraiser!

Alternatively, you could charge for a stilt walking workshop.

Another fund raising idea is to sell disposable cameras.

It has been my experience that people will want to take photos of their kids on the stilts, with Uncle Sam, and with the Giant Puppet.

And they defiantly will want photos of their kids chasing the bubbles from the solar powered Bubble Tower!  http://www.bubbletower.com/  

And a large number of folks will have forgotten their camera. I have yet to see a camera vender at a festival and I can't figure out why.  Seems like a sure $ maker to me. 

Go to Sam's Club or Costco, buy a bunch and return the ones you 
don't sell.  Sell them at a mark up along with your t -shirts and other festival souvenirs. Let me know if I am nuts.

You can also raise funds by hiring us out to a neighboring festival, fair, or event the day before or following your festival.

Try car dealerships and any grand openings, country club
celebrations, trade shows, or even church events.

We can attract a LOT of attention to a car dealership, and
churches love to have us to perform at various events
including festivals, a patriotic pageant/revue and even
stilt walking workshops for family night or day camp.

Nine foot tall valet Parking attendantA nine foot tall “valet parking attendant" makes a terrific
greeter for any kind of event, even black tie.  We have two Bubble Towers and Four Giant Puppets and over 100 sets of the hand held wood stilts, so we can accommodate multiple events on the same day.  This means you can hire us out to more than one event on the same day and split the costs and save money! 

Thank you for your consideration!  Jerry and I are looking
forward to helping you make your event the best ever!

Walking tall and stretching imaginations!

Bill "Stretch" Coleman
303-922-4655  24 hour home office
303-907-3855 mobile  stretch@stiltwalker.com

Call 303-922-4655 or email    stretch@stiltwalker.com with your dates, location and requirements. I can provide you some pricing guidelines after discussing your special needs.  I also have a DVD for your review.  Just ask! stretch@stiltwalker.com

Dear Event Planner,


Be a Hero!  Let Stretch -  the nine foot clown entertainer set the mood for your next event.

Strolling and atmosphere entertainment at it's best!  One stilt performer, or multiple themed costumed tall characters for the latest in HIGH profile interactive entertainment for your clients. About a dozen wonderful character costumes to amuse, delight and impress your clients. Custom theme or  logo costuming available and encouraged.

Be a hero, be appreciated, when you hire Stretch as your greeter.  How about a nine foot tall Valet Parking Attendant?!  "No sun roof?  No problem! I brought my can opener!"  Your clients will smile even BEFORE they get in the door!  Black Tie costume, Uncle Sam, Cowboy, Clown, Mardi Gras, any costume works great, audience tested. A friendly greeter
helps you set the mood for the entire event.

BIG ARMS: nearly any costume accessorized with the six foot plus Big Arms and HANDS
makes an excellent greeter for kids and adults alike.  Hand shaking, low and HIGH Fives and giant  hugs abound!

Strolling entertainment, or how to build the theme and KEEP them smiling:

Circus/Cirque/Clown ?  That crazy clown: FREE! Ear Cleaning with his 4 foot long Q Tip!
FREE!  WeedWacker  HAIRCUTS!    Sky Painting:  You supply the music and I'll paint the sky with my 20' pole and 50' ribbon!  Let's boogie!

Western theme?  Please help Cowboy Stretch search for his horse, "Dusty"!!! "That darn horse, the second he found out it was time for our bubble bath, he took off running!"

Picnic?  Buffet? Sounds like fooood!  You've haven't lived until you have seen Stretch do his plate stalking routine with his loooong  telescoping fork from on high!!!

Whether black tie, or carnival, your guests will enjoy helping Prince Charming on his quest
seeking Cinderella with the WAY oversized, VERY fashion forward shoe!

Casino Night?  Stretch's experience at the Mardi Gras Casino at Black Hawk, Colorado comes in handy here. His feather duster guarantees good luck to all your guests! Help Stretch find the "winning slot machine" that fits his sure to be a winner oversize quarter! Patriotic or international theme:  Uncle Sam is a natural.  Tax refunds for everyone!
An over the top comedy Pan Handler? VERY P.C. - NOT!  Choice of signs include:
A little short, please help  or Bought Internet stocks, please help or YOUR sign and Panhandler Stretch will banter with,  engage, and stimulate your guests.

Formal Tux or a giant comedy Chef or Candy Cane? Or Toothy - the Illuminated Space Alien?
Umpire Stretch?  Perhaps a Four Footed creature?  Please call today to discuss your needs.

Activities for your guests will keep them engaged:

Stilts by the Dozen!  Hand held stilt walking "workshop"!  This is a hands on (and feet!) playtime activity for kids and adults! Test your skill and balance!

Keep a way or Catch the red:  Catch the red streamer on the end of the sky painting ribbon.  Keeps kids occupied for hours!

Enjoy Tall Tales of  adventure and travel around the world: Raised by the Rocky Flats Circus, befriended by elephants, performances at White Sands and Chernobyl, dancing at Mount St. Helen's, vacations on Three Mile Island, shopping for pants at Needless Markup! Grand Champion Giraffe Milker Stretch's sly wit will have your guest's shaking and giggling!

Atmosphere entertainment to build or maintain the mood of excitement for your guests:

 Whirling, twirling, spinning lights!    Light up the night with beaming poi.  Direct from the fiery South Pacific (but without real fire).  An entrancing,  glowing spectacle to be remembered.

Suitable for stage or strolling: No smelly smoke to cling to expensive drapes or clothing, or irritate sensitive lungs. 

Your clients will thank you.

With ribbons,  this ancient art is equally effective in daylight. Excellent for sporting events,
daytime spectacles and attention demanding fun excitement!  Also try our sky painting,  Big
Arms, and other traffic stopping props. Perfect for  grand openings and Trade Shows as well.

Spontaneous improv:  No telling what activity Stretch will join your guests in: Dancing to volleyball, Denver's most experienced stilted entertainer will try (and succeed at) nearly anything!

Amaze and delight your clients with our NEW  18 foot tall walking, dancing, interactive Puppets!  Two GIANT puppets interact with your clients by shaking hands, high fiving, dancing; and those mischievous puppets  even steal hats from the unwary and auction them off! See the photos and video at

Be a hero to your clients, call 303-922-4655  right NOW!


Walking tall, (and stretching imaginations!)

Bill "Stretch" Coleman




Selected Events 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007

Recent fun festivals and events in Colorado include Trinidad, Fruita, Alamosa, the Adams, Douglas and Routt County Fairs,Central City, Mountain Village, Hayden, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Littleton, Westminster, Keystone, Louisville, Brighton, Superior, Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder, Northglenn, Thornton, Westminster, Wheat Ridge, Colorado Springs, and Vail!

Of special note was the Northfields at Stapleton Holiday Light show with two lighted Giant Puppets and two lighted Dancing Christmas Trees. You can view  video clips of the show here:


Out of state events include Grafton, ND, OKC, OK, Phoenix, AZ, Tulsa, OK, Omaha and Bassett NE, and Boulder City, NV.

Confirmed 2007 out of state events include Mardi Gras in Red River, NM,   Phoenix Pride (for the third year!) , the Blanden Art Museum 75th anniversary celebration in Fort Doge, IA, and the Columbia, MO Festival of the Arts,


So eyes UP for Stretch and his TALL Friendly Giant Parade Puppets, sky painting performance art, stilt walking parties and workshops and the solar powered Bubble Tower Sculpture!

Here are a few of the events “Stretch” The nine foot clown has entertained at.  Many photos of these events are available at the web page: www.StiltWalker.com.  This list does not include the many parades, civic festivals, and charity walks that I have entertained at.

·        ASAE Convention Denver 2002

·        American School Food Service Association convention at Heritage Square ‘99

·        Aurora Gate Way to the Rockies Festival and Parade  '98 '99 '00 '02  ’04

·        Aurora Kids Spree '97 '98 '99 '00 '01 '02 PreSpree '01

·        Aspen Grove Mall grand opening 2001

·        Aztec New Mexico, Spring Fling Parade. (click on pictures below to see the poster,
letter to Stretch from the Chamber of Commerce and the parade.)
Aztec New Mexico, Spring Fling ParadeAztec New Mexico, Spring Fling ParadeAztec New Mexico, Spring Fling Parade

·        Baseball Allstar Fan Fest, Colorado Convention Center '98

·        Bassett, NE parade and festival 2004, 2005

·        Blue 67 Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras celebration 2001

·        Boo at the Zoo 1998, 2000

·        Bolder Boulder Marathon.  Read about Stretch mentioned at the bottom of this Denver Post article

·        Cirque Du Soleil Verikai , Denver Premier Party 2004  Varekai-letter.jpg

·        Clayton Foundation Anniversary celebration 1999

·        City of Broomfield Library grand opening  2001

·        City of Berthud Days 2000

·        City of Castle Rock Arts Festival 2000, ’01. ‘03 and StarLighting 2000, 2004

·        Castle Rock Library grand opening 2003,  Battle of the Bands 2004

·        City of Commerce City, CO Creepy Hallow '98, '99 '00   Fourth of July 2002

·        City of Denver LODO Mardi Gras Parade 2001

·        City of Dublin, Ireland Marathon, 1999, 2001

·        City of Fort Collins First Night 1999, 2000, 2001  Fourth of July 2000, 2002

·        City of Glendale National Night Out 2004, 2005

·        City of Longmont Rec Center Ground breaking 2001 See Photo, 2001 Rhythm on the River 2001, 2002  Holiday Parade 2001  Street Fair 2002

·        City of  Lafayette Oatmeal Festival , 2000 , 2001, 2002 , 2003  Lafayette Days '99 , 2002

·        City of  Lone Tree Concert in the Park series ‘02, 03, 04, ‘05  4th of July festival 2003, 2004

·        City of Manitou Springs, CO Mardi Gras Parade, Judges'  Choice Award 2002

·        City of Northglen Festival 1999, 2000

·        City of Thorton Harvest Festival 2000

·        City of Thorton Festival 1999, 2000, 2001

·        Cherry Creek Arts Festival 2002

·        Cherry Creek North Holiday Caroling, '97, '98, '99, '00

·        Cherry Hills Country Club July 4th 1997, 2000, 2001

·        Cherry Hills Country Club Hilldilly Luncheon 2001

·        Chimera Circus promotion, Golden CO 2002

·        CHUN People's Fair '99, '00, '01, 02, 05

·        Colorado Opera Troupe  2001 production:  I Pagliacci

·        Conoco BreakPlace grand opening 2001

·        Cub Foods Grand Opening, Aurora and Highlands Ranch '98, '99

·        Denver Chamber of Commerce - Places W/ Spaces Trade Show  booth 2001

·        Denver Lodo Mardi Gras Parade 2001

·        DIRECTV Company Picnic 2000, 2002

·        Downtown Tulsa Christmas Parade of Lights http://www.tulsadowntown.org/christmas.htm
"Specialty groups receiving raving comments from spectators were the two tall puppets, stilt walker in the candy cane suit and the walking Christmas tree.  Emails were received from individuals within the community commenting on how much
both the adults and children enjoyed them.  Definitely an added treat!"
     From the January/February 2004 City Style newsletter of the Downtown Tulsa Unlimited on the 2003 AEP-PSO Christmas Parade of Lights. 
    And we had fun as well!  In fact, I had so much fun as the Giant Candy Cane, that I did the parade route twice!
    We had the puppets strung with lights, and since getting back to Denver, I have purchased over $300 in additional lighting for the 18 foot tall Friendly Giant Parade Puppets and 10 foot tall dancing Christmas Tree!

·        7th Annual Culinary Pro/Am "Cook up a Carnival" 2000

·        Denver Art Museum '98

·        Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Correas/Medeiras episode Broadcast 2-13-05

·        Flat Iron Crossing Santa Parade 2000, Faire Days 2001  2002

        Manitou Springs Bubble Festival           http://www.bubblescolorado.com/ 

·        Glenwood Springs Strawberry Days Festival  1998, 2000

·        Grand Pontiac Circus of Savings sales promotion 2000

·        Great American Travel and Lifestyles Expo 2000, 2001

·        Hollowpalooza, 1998  Adams Mark Hotel

·        Highlands Ranch Art, Fall, Independence Day, and Holiday Festivals – two or more events EVERY year since 1997  

·        JD Edwards Company picnic, '99

·        Janus Fund Holiday celebration 2000,  Picnic 2001

·        Katzke Paper CO, Mardi Gras Party,  @ the Tivoli 2000

·        Kids Expo,  Currigan Convention Center  '98 '99 '00 '01

·        London TV4 Murder Mystery short feature 2001

·        Mardi Gras Casino grand opening, Blackhawk ,CO , 2000

·        Mardi Gras Casino "Every Tuesday is Fat Tuesday" April through Sept. 2000

·        Mike Tynan's Auto Dealership promotion 2001

·        Norwest Culture Fest  '98, '99

·        OPSLA Convention, Lowrey Air and Space Museum , '99

·        Osborn Automotive Slasher Sale 2002

        Pepsi Center: Avelanch Hockey play off games 1999, 2000, 2001 2002

·        Phoenix Pride Festival and Parade 2005

·        Riverfest Arts & Music Festival. http://www.riverfestarkansas.com/
Giant Puppet "Stretchy" at the Little Rock, AR RiverfestJerry Williams helps relief puppeteer Kyle Hamsher get strapped into Giant Puppet "Thirsty" at the Little Rock Riverfest

·        RTD Light Rail Celebration 2000

·        Septemberfest  2005 Omaha, NE

·        Steamboat Springs Circus Arts Festival 2001

·        Steamboat Springs Beaux Arts Festival 2004, 2005

·        Summerset Festival 1999, 2001,2002, 2003, 2004, 2005

·        Taste of Colorado Kid's Zone 2002

·        Travel  Festival convention,  Merchandise Mart 2000, 2001

·        University of Denver  2001 An Ice Odessy

·        US Bank 2000

·        US West Wireless  '99

·        USWest Dot Net,  2000

·        WESA Convention, 2000

·        Veterinary Convention 2001


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* Walking Tall by Angie Belcher Published by Pacific Library. 2003 32 pages. PL-85155 Pacific Library.com 

* High Jinks by LynetteEvans Pearson Education Australia Pty Limited   South Melborn, AU, in association with Weldon Owen Education Inc.   2003 33 pages ISBN 0-7339-3321-1 

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* Amusement http://www.sideshowworld.com/cartoon09-12-2005.jpg

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